As-Seen-On-TV Products That Actually DO Work

“Buy Now!”, “For a limited time!”, “While Supplies Last!”. Chances are if you’ve ever been up late at night watching an infomercial you’ve heard these phrases over and over again on repeat as an overly enthusiastic host tries to peddle their wares and convince you that their product is so revolutionary that it just might actually change your life. While the majority of these products are very gimmicky and come with the negative stereotype of being cheaply made (and therefore will easily break), there are a few As Seen On TV Products that surpass the rest and actually work. They may not be as life-changing as the hosts will lead you to believe, but they do deliver a useful service, especially to many homemakers.   

Forearm Forklifts

A seemingly simple device with a good about of technology and science behind its construction. This “forklift” makes it much easier for families to move furniture and other heavy items around their house without the need for movers. By placing the straps around your shoulders or forearms, the leverage created between the straps and your body weight allows even petite people to carry 700lb pieces of furniture with ease. Even Consumer Reports gave their approval of this product!

The Magic Bullet

One of the most well know products to transcend the As Seen On TV graveyard of cheep and cheesy products. The Magic Bullet is known for its claim to be able to blend  anything in less than 10 seconds. There are several amusing YouTube videos where consumers put this to the test with a wide variety of items that are not meant to go into a blender and The Magic Bullet does surprisingly well! When it comes to products that it’s designed to blend, it does even better, making this a great and very useful addition to any kitchen.

Copper Cookware

The ultimate in copper nonstick cookware! The copper pan As Seen on TV claims to be even better than the best Teflon pan out there, but does it deliver? And the answer is, Yes! One of the leading products in non-stick copper pans is Copper Chef. A quick search for product reviews will reveal hundreds of food bloggers who have given this pan a try and overall, are very happy with the results. There are a few other As Seen on TV copper pan products such as the Red Copper Pan that also has great reviews. Whichever product you decide to go with, you’re sure to get a great new non-stick way of cooking your favorite meals.

Veggie Pro Table-Top Spiralizer

If you haven’t heard of the spiralizer trend yet, where have you been?! In a culture that fears carbs, labeling them as a negative weight-gaining food and something that is to be excluded from most diets, the spiralizer has stepped in offering an alternative way to make your favorite “pasta” dishes. The spiralizer takes zucchini (most commonly) or other vegetables and turns then into spiral-shaped strands that somewhat resemble spaghetti. These “veggie noodles” kitchen tool utensil help dieters to get their pasta fix without the added carbs. What makes the Veggie Pro spiralizer the favorite of these As Seen on TV products is that it comes with several different blade sizes and also a non-slip suction cup that keeps it stuck onto the counter top, allowing for easier and faster use of the spiralizer tool.


One of the most recognizable As Seen on TV Products – mostly because of the spotlight its spokesperson received after being involved in a sex scandal which landed him in jail, but also because the product actually works! ShamWow is essentially a towel, but in true As Seen on TV style, this is no ordinary towel! ShamWow can hold up to 21 times its weight in liquid, making it extremely absorbent and portable. Great for cleaning up spills around the house, drying off cars, or even saving bathrooms from flash-floods when a toilette overflows. Best of all? They’re washable too. One of the most effective As Seen on TV products and the only house-towel one could ever need.  


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