How to Selecting a Caterer for Your Event

Gone are the days when special events for instance weddings used to be conducted in homes where caterers brought foods and decoration. Today, numerous individuals prefer hiring banquets and catering services such as Anoush Wedding Reception Halls. They provide all kinds of services that meet the needs and requirement of the occasion. The services provided by this company is practical and economical, as one can select the exact facilities and services that suits his/her needs and budget constraints. Often, the length of the event and type of crowd dictates the menu. The topmost parts of a banquet service are the food. Below are the services provided by a Anoush banquet and catering service:


When a large number of guests are invited, this kind of service is preferred. Food choices are laid down on the tables and guest will come through the buffet, fetch the plates and meal of their choice and head to the seating area close to the buffet. In this process, the guests should serve themselves. It is considered very convenient as individual eats to his/her satisfaction and will. But we put drinks and starters at the table and the attendants refill the glasses as needed.


Snacks and sandwiches are provided in this kind of arrangement similar to the buffet style. Visitors can serve them and eat in peace while conversing with various people in the room. In general, it is a very informal arrangement that is preferred for formal events.

Food Stations

Also known as action stations, our professionals include a wide variety of foods and offers for guests. In case the event is luxurious and belongs to the highly privileged, you will find our chefs running the stations. They cook the food in front of the guests, which is exciting to see and eat. These food stations serve all kinds of meals and include several courses, including sushi stations, desserts, meat carvings, pasta and much more.


This kind of banquet service is almost like the buffet, where guests queue up to pick up the meal of their choice. In this style of service, our chefs/staff serve the food from the buffet line. The idea behind these servers is to control the expenses as these staff control the portion sizes.


In this kind of banquet service, our staff brings food to the guests, who sit around a table, directly from the kitchen. It is the most economical and one of the most affordable banquet services. It is especially preferred for formal events for example weddings, where the dishes are put together and the food is served at guests’ discretion.


If your planning a big event don’t hesitate to contact Anoush Wedding Reception Halls for your banquet and catering service.

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