Passover Dinner Recipes To Spice Up Your Traditional Spread

Passover is a special time in the Jewish calendar, and it requires a specific type of cooking in order to be Kosher for Passover. When you understand more about these requirements, you can more fully appreciate every aspect of these important few days.

Keeping Kosher for Passover requires you to abstain from hametz, the fermented products of five grains that include wheat, oats, rye, spelt and barley. The unleavened matzah that is eaten during Passover is baked under very strict conditions to ensure that its grains do not ferment. In addition to these restrictions, many Ashkenazi Jews also choose not to eat lentils, beans, corn and rice. A small minority of Jews also avoid unleavened matzah items that are wet, including matzah balls and meal.

For many observant Jews, it is also customary to avoid foods that may have been processed in an environment where fermented grains were also processed. Traditionally, Jews clean their homes of all hametz products. In addition, the entire kitchen as well as all pots, pans and other cooking utensils must be made Kosher for Passover. Because this can be a difficult and time-consuming job, some practitioners keep an entire separate set of cookware reserved for Passover. In recent years, others have begun going on Kosher Passover cruises and vacations to resorts.

Passover is a time to connect with your heritage in community with friends and family. Whether you are an observant Jew or you simply want to celebrate in the spirit of the Passover season, there are numerous Kosher recipes that can make your Passover meals both memorable and delicious. Believe it or not, many can be prepared quickly and easily without sacrificing any of the traditional flavors.

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