Why a Monthly T-shirt Subscription is the Perfect Gift for Your Man

There comes a time when your man needs some new clothes, but you’re not sure what to give him. Most men are difficult to shop for, and it’s hard to know if they have the same style as you do. The perfect solution? A monthly t-shirt subscription! Every month he’ll get a package with t-shirts that are picked out just for him. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Stylish: Men’s styles can be quite different, making it hard to know what they like or dislike in clothing. The best solution? A monthly shirt subscription. You have complete control over what styles of shirts come in each box, so pick out precisely what he needs based on things such as size, color preference, seasonality. You will get a t-shirt just for his style with sizes explicitly tailored to fit him perfectly. Say goodbye to worrying about if he’ll like or dislike the way a shirt looks on him.

The perfect gift: Whether it’s Father’s Day or his birthday, a monthly t-shirt subscription is the ideal gift for your man. You can even personalize each package with notes and photos to make him feel extra special. It’s affordable too, so you’ll never have to worry about what gifts might be expensive again.

Quality clothes: If he needs some new shirts but doesn’t know where to go, this is the answer. He will love getting packages of quality clothing explicitly tailored for his taste and style every month without having any idea they’re coming. What could be better?

Versatile: If you have no idea what size or style your man likes, then this is the perfect holiday present! You’ll get an entire package with t-shirts custom picked out just for him each month. Plus, they come in sizes tailored specially, so they always fit like a glove. He can wear them right away or keep them as wardrobe staples next year.

Affordable: It’s hard to buy a gift for your man without breaking the bank, but this isn’t an issue with monthly t-shirt subscriptions. With low prices and huge discounts, you can give him his favorite clothes every month for less than it would cost to buy one measly shirt at retail price.


What could be better than giving someone you care about their favorite pocket t shirt every single month? He will love getting packages of quality clothing explicitly tailored for his taste and style without even realizing they’re coming. Stylish, affordable, versatile – what more do you want in a monthly shirt subscription from your partner? Check out trueclassictees.com for various packages and styles, all with a monthly subscription for your man.

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