3 Desserts to Try on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your special menu. Whether your plans include a romantic dinner for two, a family meal, or a Galentine’s party with your pals these are three desserts that you need to try this year.

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to try all of the sweets. The main problem is which amazing dessert do you choose? We’ve done all the work of menu planning (and the taste testing!) so you can focus on the rest of the holiday. These delicious and simple Valentine’s recipes will have you ready for the loveliest holiday of the year.

One way to use this menu is to make all three and include them on a charcuterie board to make a beautiful and appealing dessert tray. That’s really the best way to get to sample all the sweets without going overboard, am I right? Another fun way to make this dessert menu is to start in the morning with the sour cream coffee cake, have the dark chocolate brownies ready to go after school or work, and then finish off the evening with the beautiful red strawberry shortcakes. All of the desserts with a little break in between each one!

First up is this amazing sour cream coffee cake recipe. Yes, I said sour cream. It adds the perfect flavor to kick regular coffee cake up a notch. This melt in your mouth cake is delicious and worth every last calorie. The streusel on top contrasts the moist cake, giving you the perfect amount of crunch. And don’t forget the glaze on top. It makes this awesome cake *chef’s kiss*, perfect. Go ahead and lick the plate, we won’t look.

After you whip up the super tasty sour cream coffee cake recipe, venture over to the dark side with these dark chocolate and walnut brownies. The perfect, chewy brownie made with rich dark chocolate and studded with walnuts for extra crunch. Your Valentine

Finish off your super sweet Valentine’s menu with a cute and easy strawberry shortcake. Who doesn’t love shortcake? And that pop of red will be just the thing to pull your Valentine’s Day dessert menu together. Light and flaky biscuits, combined with sugar-soaked strawberries and topped off with a healthy plop of whipped cream–yum! So good you’ll be fighting over the last piece.

There you have it, three delicious Valentine’s Day recipes that will come together quickly so you can focus on your loved ones for the day.

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